14 V DC / 15 W junction box power supply

ZNP-15-14 junction box power supply is a professional impulse power supply with 14 V DC output voltage and 15 W nominal power. The power supply is designed to cooperate with LEDIX products (lighting fittings, controllers, radio receivers) supplied with 14 V DC. It is designed for a direct mounting in a junction box. The product has a short-circuit and overload protections, which increase the safety of its use. Its high efficiency and a very low power consumption in the standby mode, makes it a very economical solution, designed for continuous operation. The power supply meets the requirements of the harmonized standards.

Basic parameters

Supply voltage 230 V AC Protection class - II Safety transformer resistant to short-circuit (direct or indirect) Independent converter - an electronic transformer with a possibility to use apart from a lighting set Mounting in a Ø60 junction box Mounting indoor only Device tested in accordance with electromagnetic compatibility Protection degree IP – no protection from water penetration, protection from solid penetration diameter 12,5 mm and bigger

Documents and Downloads

Uout voltage 14 V DC
Nominal output current 1,07 A
Nominal output current range 0 ÷ 1,07 A
Nominal power 15 W
Voltage tolerance 5%
Voltage ripples 80 mVpp
Uout voltage time increase 10 ms
Uout voltage time adjustment 20 ms
Nominal input voltage 230 V AC
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Voltage tolerance -15% ÷ +10%
Efficiency 79 ÷ 80%
Power consumption (standby) 0,25 W
Starting current 20 A
Protections Short-circuit, overload
Ambient temperature range -10 ÷ +50 °C
Protection degree IP20
Protection level II
Dimensions [mm] 47 x 47 x 32,5
Weight [g] 100
Reference standard PN-EN 61204-3
PN-EN 55022
PN-EN 61000