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Motion and twilight sensors

Selected lighting fittings of MUNA, MOZA, RUBI and NAVI series are equipped with a motion and twilight sensor. The motion sensor is based on the PIR type element and enables to switch on the fitting after motion has been detected in the sensor’s detection zone. The fitting is switched on as long as the object is within the area of the motion sensor. A delayed switch off of a fitting after there is no more motion in the detection zone is adjusted within the range of 2 to 35 seconds according to the TIME potentiometer adjustment. The twilight switch allows to switch on a fitting at a specified luminous flux intensity. The sensitivity of the twilight switch is adjusted between 2 to 20 lx by means of a Lux potentiometer, which allows for a precise adjustment of „ twilight level”. The lens in the fitting is selected and positioned in such a way as to ensure optimal conditions for motion detection, taking into account the way of mounting fittings in passageways, stairs or corridors. The movement is detected from a distance of about 2 to 3 m from the fitting with the 120 ° opening dry contact NO with a maximum capacity of 3 A. By means of this contact other fittings, installed in passageways or corridors in the standard version, can be switched on. This allows for an easy installation of simple lighting control systems lighting in passageways.

Detection zone of the PIR sensor