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The battery backup

The selected LED lighting fittings: MUNA, MOZA, TIMO, RUBI and NAVI in 14 V DC version) are equipped with NiMh batteries, which fully charged allow the fittings to operate for about 1,5 h from the moment of power supply voltage decay. The batteries are charged for about 10 hours after the power supply voltage is on and it is all controlled by an electric circuit, which ensures a much longer battery life. Apart from the battery backup the lighting fitting switch on / switch off function is possible by means of a typical bistable switch.

  • The lighting fitting is continuously switched on - during normal operation it uses power from a power supply adaptor and after a supply voltage decay it uses the battery (for about 1.5 h maximum). After the power supply voltage is on, the battery is charged for about 10 hours.

  • Battery backup manual switch on/switch off - the lighting fitting is switched on / switched off. After a supply voltage decay the light is still on or not depending on the switch position connected to the BACKUP output. In this configuration, during battery backup operation, it is possible to switch off the lighting fitting by changing the position of the BACKUP switch.

  • Battery backup automatic switch on/switch off - uring normal operation the lighting fitting can be switched on / switched off by means of a switch. After a supply voltage decay the lighting fitting automatically switches into battery power supply (it remains switched on for about 1.5 h maximum). After the supply voltage is on the lighting fitting returns to the same position as it was before the supply voltage decay. During battery operation it is not possible to switch the lighting fitting off, and in order to do it, an electromagnetic relay of 230 V AC is required (eg PEM-01/230V from the ZAMEL company product offer).