Solar system

SOL-10 solar system is used to supply LEDIX lighting fittings available in 14 V DC version. It uses solar energy for power supply as it is processed into electric energy in the photovoltaic module. The solar systems consist of: PV photovoltaic module made in the mono crystal technology of 10 W power, a battery and a regulator. The battery and the regulator are placed in a metal control casing. The solar system is an ideal solution for gardens, gazebos (summerhouses) and places in which the installation of traditional 230 V AC system is troublesome or even impossible.

PV cell power 10 W
Cell technology Mono crystal
Charging current 0,6 A
Short circuit current 0,65 A
PV cell nominal voltage 17 V
PV cell off-load voltage 21 V
Battery gel 12 V/7,5 Ah
Battery charging time 12,5 h
Charging regulator SSL-01
PV cell dimensions [mm] 291 x 343 x 23
Control box dimensions [mm] 166 x 255 x 81
Weight [kg] 5,5
PV cell mounting handle Included in a set