Wireless RGB controller

SLR-11 controller is designed to control LED RGB diodes in the circuit with common “+” potential (RGB LEDIX series standard fittings, RGB strips and modules). The control is carried out wireless on 868 MHz frequency. The device has a default setting of 5 LED diode control programmes, and the user can select one out of 10 LED diode colours. SLR-11 in cooperation with P-260 remote control enables to change the lighting colour in a fluent way (RAINBOW). Colour control is done by means of PWM modulation with 9-bit resolution. Its small casing dimensions allow for an easy mounting in a Ø60 junction box.

Basic parameters

Supply voltage 10÷14 V DC Brightening/dimming functions Protection class - III Device tested in accordance with electromagnetic compatibility Mounting indoor only Mounting in a Ø60 junction box Cooperation with EXTA FREE transmitters Protection degree IP – no protection from water penetration, protection from solid penetration diameter 12,5 mm and bigger

Documents and Downloads

Power supply 10 ÷ 14 V DC
Power consumption 0,22 W
Number of channels 3
Maximum channel loading 2,5 A
Control signal PWM

Colour selection
Floating change of colours
Strobe change of colours - only for P-260
Rainbow - only for P-260

Control Selected EXTA FREE transmitters, P260
Colour resolution 9-bit
Colours 10 defined, Floating choice for P-260
Steps 10 (up to 50 min)
Transmission f = 868,32 MHz
Transmission way Simplex (one-way)
Coding Yes
Maximum number of transmitters 32
Range Up to 230 m in the open area
Section of connecting cables Up to 2,5mm2
Ambient temperature range -10° ÷ +55 °C
Protection degree IP20
Overvoltage category III
Dimensions [mm] 47,5 x 47,5 x 20
Weight [g] 27
Reference standard PN-EN 60669, PN-EN 60950, PN-EN 61000