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The selected LED lighting fittings: MUNA, MOZA, TIMO, RUBI and NAVI in two versions: 14 V DC and 230 V AC, without RGB diodes) are equipped with a built-in radio receiver. It enables lighting fitting control without additional wiring for switches. The fittings cooperate with a wide range of transmitters of EXTA FREE wireless control system ( These are:

  • wall transmitters (RNK-02, RNK-04),
  • remote controls (P-257/2, P-257/4, P-256/8),
  • modular transmitters (RNM-10),
  • radio battery motion sensor (RCR-01).

32 different EXTA FREE system transmitters can be added to a single lighting fitting, and a single transmitter can cooperate with an unlimited number of fittings, which are in its operation range (average 50 m). By means of fittings with a built-in radio receiver there is no limit to one switch system only, as it is in the traditional installations. At any time, it is possible to buy a new transmitter and add it to the lighting fitting to enjoy the offered functionalities.

The lighting fittings with a built-in radio receiver, cooperating with transmitters of EXTA FREE system, offer the following functionalities:

  • possibility of a remote switching on / switching off,
  • a possibility of changing the luminous flux intensity (brightening / dimming),
  • a possibility of an automatic fitting switch off after the adjusted time is over, in the range of 1s to 18 h.

The adjusted lighting level is remembered after the fitting has been switched off. Transmission between transmitters and a lighting fitting is carried out at a frequency of 868.32 MHz. It is properly coded and secured to prevent accidental switching on / switching off or mutual interference of several fittings installed in a close distance to each other. Easy installation, functionality of control and reliability are unquestionable advantages of this solution.