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Photovoltaic cells

The LEDIX series lamps (14 V DC version) are ideal in cooperation with PV photovoltaic cells, which convert the solar energy into electrical energy.

The combination of photovoltaics with leak-tightness of selected LEDIX series lamps gives a very broad application possibilities in gardens, summerhouses, holiday homes and other places where electrical installation is troublesome or even impossible.

The LEDIX lamps (14 V DC version) are hermetic (IP56) on one hand, and on the other hand, the nominal operation voltage is ideally adjusted to the voltage of a fully charged battery (12 V), which is equal to ~14 V. The application of photovoltaic cell is connected with the necessity of building a simple installation including a single or several PV cells, a battery and a regulator controlling the charging process. Complete, professional SOL-10 or SOL-20 systems (see p. 59 are ideal solutions as they present easy mounting, safe life and a troublefree and long operation time.

The parameters of SOL-10 and SOL-20 systems are adjusted in a way to supply a great number of the LEDIX series lamps and to assure optimal battery charging conditions. The systems enable constant operation with a great number of charging / recharging cycles. PV cell construction is resistant to difficult weather conditions such as rain, hail, snow. The charging process is fully controlled by an electronic regulator SSL-01 (see p. 60), which secures the cell and the battery against damage and easy wear.

The battery and the regulator are placed in a solid, metal casing.

The installation of SOL-10 and SOL-20 systems is restricted to PV cell mounting in a place with optimal insolation. The cell can be installed on a wall, on a roof, on a pillar at a small angle with respect to the incidence angle of sunbeams. The cell should be mounted to the control metal box together with the LEDIX series lamps by means of a switch or a twilight switch.