LEDIX intelligent lighting system is not only a modern line of LED lighting fittings developed by LED power supply and control devices, but also a range of functional electronic transformers. The devices designed by ZAMEL CET engineers have a number of innovative solutions protected by patent law. LEDIX transformers can cooperate with halogen light sources placed inside a building as well as in places exposed to adverse weather conditions with increased humidity.


      LEDIX is an intelligent LED lighting system with a set of innovative solutions. This innovation refers to both solutions applied in LED lighting fittings and control and supply equipment.

    • LEDIX - an innovation in the field of LED lighting 29.08.2012

      LEDIX is an innovative system of an intelligent LED lighting, produced by the ZAMEL CET Company - a company from Pszczyna with many years of experience in the electrotechnical industry.

    • LEDIX - interiors painted with light 29.08.2012

      The choice of room colour is one of the key issues in the process of interior design.

    • Dear Sirs 05.06.2012

      Our company, which has been operating on the national and international markets, still perceives the ongoing need for the development of innovative products related to electrical engineering and electronics.