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LEDIX intelligent lighting system is not only a modern line of LED lighting fittings developed by LED power supply and control devices, but also a range of functional electronic transformers. The devices designed by ZAMEL CET engineers have a number of innovative solutions protected by patent law. LEDIX transformers can cooperate with halogen light sources placed inside a building as well as in places exposed to adverse weather conditions with increased humidity.


Transformers marked with ETZ symbol are designed to cooperate with halogen light sources supplied with 12V AC. A distinctive feature of ETZ series transformers is a possibility to supply very low loads (start from "0" W). In order to protect the devices during the installation phase and subsequent use, they are equipped with the following protections: short circuit, overload and thermal. In order to prolong the lifespan of halogen bulbs cooperating with LEDIX transformers, the following patented construction solutions were used in devices: an innovative control way of transistors in the output circuit, safety system for overloads.

ETZ transformers are diversified due to the nominal power output of the following types:
- ETZ50 ( 0-50W)
- ETZ60 (0-60W)
- ETZ70 (0-70W)
- ETZ105 (0-105W)
- ETZ150 (0-150W)
- ETZ210 ( 0-210W)

Transformers marked with ETZ symbol are designed for surface mounting, the connection is made by means of screw terminals. The devices cooperate with the so-called "intelligent" lighting dimmers.


Transformers marked with ETZ symbol have the protection degree IP56. With the increased value of the IP, the devices can be used in rooms exposed to high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens. The other parameters of ETW transformers are the same as the ones of ETZ transformers. The devices can be connected by means of wires.

The nominal power of transformers:
- 50 W – ETW 50
- 60 W – ETW 60
- 70 W – ETW 70
- 105 W – ETW 105
- 150 W – ETW 150
- 210 W – ETW 210

Both ETW and ETZ transformers start from „0”W. Any questions related to LEDIX transformers can be sent to