LEDIX - interiors painted with light 29.08.2012

The choice of room colour is one of the key issues in the process of interior design.

In many cases it is a difficult decision, and certainly needs to be thoroughly thought out. The nature of the interior is determined not only by the colour of walls, floors and furniture, but also to a large extent by the colour of light applied in a particular room. The light colour completes the interior in a fantastic way and also affects the mood of people staying in that room. LEDIX intelligent LED lighting has been designed for people who love „painting” their interiors with light and give them, in this way, a completely new character. Selected MUNA, MOZA, TIMO, RUBI and NAVI lighting fittings with RGB diode belong to the LEDIX group and they have a built-in radio RGB controller. In the case of LEDIX lighting fittings with a built-in radio RGB controller the light colour can be changed at any time with any frequency. Even more by programming the lighting system, the colours can be changed automatically according to the adjustment done by the user. Also TERA and SONA lighting fittings are equipped optionally with RGB diodes, however to obtain a varied light colour for these fittings, it is necessary to install 4-wire connection and external RGB controllers (e.g., SLR-11, SLR-12, SLR-13 which belong to the LEDIX system).

Selected LED lighting fittings as MUNA, MOZA, TIMO, RUBI and NAVI with RGB LED diodes have a built-in radio RGB controller. The controller cooperates with selected transmitters of EXTA FREE wireless system (www.extafree.pl) and with a dedicated RGB P-260 remote control. The lighting fittings are available in two versions: 14V DC and 230V AC. The wired RGB controller built-in the lighting fitting operates at a frequency of 868.32 MHz. Transmission between the transmitter and the receiver is secured by an appropriate addressing. 32 transmitters can be added to to a single lighting fitting. The transmission is carried out in such a way as to prolong the battery’s life, which is in the transmitter. The average operating time of a battery is between 3 to 5 years.


The noble form of divers LEDIX lighting fittings light colour allows to create interesting interior designs (illumination of passageways, stairs and walls) and non-standard illumination of facades. In addition, the combination of these lighting fittings with control devices allows to design applications to the individual requirements of a user. An interesting lighting fitting design, a possibility of colour and luminous flux intensity change with reference to the need, mood, as well as a multitude of functions make the LEDIX series fittings very popular for people decorating their house or apartment, for interior designers decorating public buildings and office buildings. The lighting fittings with a built-in RGB controller are ideal for HoReCa buildings, as they allow for a multiple lighting colour change according to the wish of the hotel or restaurant’s customer.

LEDIX series lighting fittings are not only a gentle form, but also reliability thanks to the use of CREE LED diodes and anodized aluminum and zinc-aluminum sheets that are the guarantee of high quality. The major advantage of LEDIX series lighting fittings is a very low power consumption and a long lifetime of up to 40 thousand hours of continuous light. There are few casing colours available (aluminum, stainless steel, graphite, old gold), however their diverse design makes them a perfect complement to both modern and classic interiors. The fittings are available for surface and flush mounting. In addition some of them are optionally equipped with a motion and twilight sensor, battery backup and a built-in radio receiver.

Majority of buildings have a 2-wire installation, but to install the lighting fittings with RGB LED diodes in this type of objects, it is necessary to use the LEDIX series lighting fittings with RGB diodes and built-in RGB controllers. In the case of designing a building from the very beginning, it is worth to think about leading a 4-wire installation, as this type of wiring allows to use a less expensive solution in the form of standard LEDIX lighting fittings with RGB diodes with an external RGB controller.

LEDIX is an innovative LED lighting system that is designed and manufactured by specialist of the ZAMEL CET Company - a Polish company with over 20 years of experience in the electrotechnical industry. The LEDIX device group consists of eight lighting fitting families (MOZA, MUNA, TERA, TICO, TIMO, RUBI, NAVI, SONA), which differ in design and functionalities.

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