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LEDIX - an innovation in the field of LED lighting 29.08.2012

LEDIX is an innovative system of an intelligent LED lighting, produced by the ZAMEL CET Company - a company from Pszczyna with many years of experience in the electrotechnical industry.

The LEDIX device group consists of eight lighting fitting families (MOZA, MUNA, TERA, TICO, TIMO, RUBI, NAVI, SONA), which differ in design and functionalities. The intelligent LEDIX lighting system includes more than a thousand products of the highest quality. This modern line of LED lighting fittings additionally equipped with a power supply and LED control devices, allows to create interesting interior designs (illumination of passageways, stairs and walls) and non-standard illumination of facades. A group of modern electronic transformers has been added to the LEDIX series. The series of lighting fittings, which is an ideal friend both for people decorating their house or apartment, for interior designers decorating public buildings and office buildings and for HoReCa buildings.

A variety of functionalities

The connection of control devices with selected LED lighting fittings allows to design applications to the individual requirements of users. LEDIX enables an automatic switching on and switching off the light by means of built-in motion sensors, a radio control of light colour and luminous flux intensity by means of a remote control or a push-button transmitter, light battery backup after power failure and many other functionalities specific to intelligent lighting control systems.

A variety of lighting fittings

LEDIX is an excellent offer for demanding people, who want to create their surrounding with light. The LEDIX device group consists of eight lighting fitting families, which differ in design. Among those lighting fittings there are products which light in two directions (MOZA, MUNA, TERA), there are fittings with a smart form (TICO, TIMO) and products that emit a delicate light down (RUBI, NAVI, SONA). All of them are available in four colours: aluminum, stainless steel, graphite and old gold. However, in the case of light colour, the customers can select lighting fittings with RGB diodes or optionally a lighting fitting with a diode: red, green, blue, white cold, white warm.

Easy installation, safe operation

LEDIX series lighting fittings can be supplied with 14V DC, 230V AC or by means of a photovoltaic system. They are available for surface and flush mounting. LEDIX series devices have the protection degree IP44 and IP56, so they can be used in rooms with moisture tendency, and they can also be used to create non-standard illumination of building facades and to design garden gazebos, etc.

Reliability and energy efficiency

LEDIX is not only a gentle form, but also reliability thanks to the application of the highest quality CREE LED diodes and anodized aluminum and zinc-aluminum sheets that guarantee the suitable quality of lighting fittings. The major advantage of LEDIX series fittings is undoubtedly the energy efficiency due to the low power consumption and a long lifetime of up to 40 thousand hours of continuous light. LEDIX series lighting fittings can be purchased at any good wholesaler in Poland and more. In addition, the LEDIX devices are also available online.

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    The choice of room colour is one of the key issues in the process of interior design.

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    Our company, which has been operating on the national and international markets, still perceives the ongoing need for the development of innovative products related to electrical engineering and electronics.